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 Dec 2011:

The Identity of LG6 / Sturisomatichthys "foerschi" is clearified.

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 Sep 2011:

Description of Fonchiiloricaria nanodon by RODRIGUEZ, ORTEGA and COVAIN. This species is not known in the hobby. Unfortunately its distibution at Rio Huallaga close to Tingo Maria is not very popular for commercial fishermen.

Journal of Fish Biology (2011), 1-21.
 Jul 2009:

Description of Loricaria birindellii by THOMAS and SABAJ.

This species was found in Rio Xingú. It presents one of the less loricariinae species with an L-Number. It is known as L10.

L. lata was supposed being L10 in former times. But with its markable coloration in front of the dorsal fin, L. birindellii take this place.

Copeia 2010, No. 2, 274–283.


 Dec 2009:

Description of Lamantichthys avacaneiro and Lamontichthys parakana by Carvalho Paixão and Toledo-Piza. Both species were found in Rio Tocantins. This locality is far away from the habitat of all other described Lamontichthys species.


Thanks a lot to Andrea de CARVALHO PAIXÃO for providing images of Lamantichthys avacaneiro, L. parakana and also L. maraceibero.

Neotropical Ichthyology

7(4) 2009.


 Nov 2008: Beschreibung von Rineloricaria isaaci durch Mónica Rodriguez & Amalia Miquelarena. Es handelt sich dabei eine weitere Art aus dem Rio Uruguay-System, aus dem wir auch in der nächsten Zeit keine kommerziellen Importe erhoffen können. Journal of Fish Biology 73.
 Nov 2008: Petra und Thomas Weidner berichten von der erfolgreichen Vermehrung von Harttia duriventris. Amazonas 20.



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